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Welcome to Community Acupuncture Albuquerque!

$15-$35 sliding scale

* with initial paperwork fee of $10


February Acupuncture Special

Allergy Season is upon us already!

$10 sessions in February for
Seasonal Allergy prevention or treatment

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The three months of Spring (Feb 4- May 4th) are called emerging and ordering when everything in heaven and earth is being born. The 10,000 things use this time to begin flourishing. One should go to bed at nightfall and rise early. Take broad steps in the courtyard. One should dress one's hair loosely*, and one should allow one's intentions to begin to take shape. One should nurture life and should not kill, One should give and not take, should reward and not punish. This is the way of corresponding with the qi of springtime which nourishes life.

Translation from the ancient Chinese text the Su Wen of the Huang Di Nei Jing by Selah Chamberlain, DOM 2011

* this means one is not yet ready to go out on formal occasions.

What Is Acupuncture?

Acupuncturists treat many health problems using fine needles inserted at particular points around the body. Acupuncture is based in the system of Chinese Medicine which has several thousand years of history including medical books that date back to 100BCE. The Chinese developed a meridian or channel map that connects hands, feet and head areas to internal organs and other parts of the body. It can be likened to a house with electric wires which turn on lights, heaters, the refrigerator etc. at different switches. Acupuncture stimulates your body's own resources, for example, the immune or hormonal systems, to help you heal or to just help you destress and relax. Acupuncture is very safe when administered by trained acupuncturists and because there is no medication, there is no danger of side effects or medication interactions.

What conditions can we treat?

At Community Acupuncture Albuquerque, we treat all kinds of pain - headaches, back aches, hip, shoulder, knee, elbow, wrist, heel, and ankle pain. We commonly treat allergies, anxiety, sleeplessness, depression, weight gain, and high blood pressure, We also treat symptoms of diabetes, asthma, menstrual pain, menopausal symptoms, prostate symptoms, constipation, diarrhea, stomach problems, eye problems, and many more. The World Health Organization has a list of more than a hundred conditions that acupuncture can treat
More about conditions that acupuncture can help.

What Is Community Acupuncture?

Community Acupuncture Albuquerque acupuncturists treat in a communal setting using chairs gathered in a large, quiet, soothing space. We have eight zero gravity recliners and a massage table if needed. Treating patients in a community setting has many benefits: it's easy for friends and family members to come in for treatment together; many patients find it comforting; we can be treated fully clothed, and a collective energetic ("qi") field becomes established, making individual treatments even more powerful!
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Affordable Fees

We charge $15-$35 per acupuncture treatment (you pay what you are comfortable with on the sliding scale), with an initial paperwork fee of $10. We also offer a monthly membership of unlimited acupuncture for a 30 day period for $75-150 sliding scale. More about affordable fees

Who We Are

Nityamo Lian and Selah Chamberlain are the acupuncturists at Community Acupuncture Albuquerque. Nityamo has more than thirteen years experience providing acupuncture and Chinese herbal treatments. More about our staff.

How to find us

Find Community Acupuncture Albuquerque on Vermont St NE (Suite A2) easily between Pennsylvania and Wyoming in NE Albuquerque. We are located just north of Menaul, one block east of the Flying Star Cafe, and right behind Relish Sandwiches. More about how to find us by car, bus or bicycle.

FAQs: What can I expect?

At Community Acupuncture Albuquerque, we treat clients fully clothed in reclining chairs, using mostly points on the arms, legs and head. The acupuncturist will spend a few minutes reviewing your paperwork and asking you some questions. He or she will feel your pulse, look at your tongue and make other observations to determine how to treat you. More about what to expect.

How long will it take to get better and how often should I come?

People respond differently to acupuncture but everyone will know within six treatments if the acupuncture is working. The longer you have had a condition, the more treatments you will need to get well. For some chronic conditions such as asthma or diabetes for which there is no cure, we may be able to help manage your ongoing symptoms and reduce their severity or frequency. We at Community Acupuncture Albuquerque recommend the following guidelines for how frequently to come and how many treatments to have. More about how many treatments

The New Co-operative

The Community Acupuncture movement has morphed into the People's Organization of Community Acupuncture It is structured as a co-operative along the lines of REI or La Montanita food coop here in Albuquerque. There are clinic members, patient and community members, and there are acupuncturist members. Membership entitles you to several free treatments per year for friends and family, no new patient fees at any POCA clinics, and the opportunity to get involved, even to create a community acupuncture clinic in your own town. We are excited to see how this organization evolves and to be part of this new economic business model.


"Community Acupuncture has realized a dream of mine to afford preventative and integrative therapy, which I have found personally to be more effective than relying on allopathic medicine alone. The treatment is always relaxing, which supports my immune system fundamentally. The specific points addressed seem to magically bring relief from my ailments of the moment which have included: anxiety, hot flashes, insomnia, herpes outbreaks, back aches, elbow pain, locking thumb, belly aches, symptoms of cold and flu. Thank you, Nityamo and staff. I confidently refer anyone who has health issues to you."


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